Can I get my book faster than 8 working days?

In short, when the question is about "expediting" delivery times, here are our rules:

Unlike most of our competitors, we promise a book within a given time frame.  That time frame can move, a day or two, but generally, we hit schedules.  We don't hit schedules when we have people out sick, or have deaths in families, or other normal occurrences, because we are all humans here.  We don't have magic automated book-making tools; our books are crafted by hand.  Every book, no matter how simple the initial layout, is a custom job.  This means that we run our production crews and schedules pretty tightly, which leads to the RUSH RULES.  To repeat:

Every Book, No Matter How Simple, Is a Custom Job.

Usually, for a fiction title, delivery time is 8 working days to the ePUB review copy (your Galley, or ARC copy), from the time we receive all your production materials (at a minimum, your final manuscript and your cover).  If your book has been thoroughly and completed edited, and it really is in its final form, and you approve that ARC/Review ePUB, you'll have your Kindle book (MOBI) in about 3 more working days.  Then you'll be done and dusted, and ready to go sell your book in all formats and on all platforms.  Books from INDD (InDesign) files and other completed, done books are delivered both ePUB and MOBI on the same due date, rather than sequentially.

The RUSH rules policy:

However, we have clients that do edit their books, once they see them in eBook form, which obviously affects our scheduling, as well as those that will come back to us, mid-production, and suddenly remember that they scheduled a "book launch" party, or a blog tour, or what-have-you, and request that we rush the book.  This is our policy on RUSH requests:

  1. RUSHES are only available on fiction or simple-formatting (text only) books.  They are not available for any complexly-formatted books for any reason.  We do not offer RUSH jobs on any print books, or print + eBook packages.  
  2. RUSHES are 100% of the originally-quoted price, whether requested upfront or mid-project.  This means if your quote was $200, the rush fee is an additional $200.00, if the job is agreed to (see next paragraph).    
  3. We only offer RUSHES on a very limited-availability. At no time will we disadvantage other clients in the queue for a RUSH job.  All RUSH jobs have to agreed to be taken by one of our bookmakers, who will have to work overtime, or over their scheduled days off, to meet the deadlines for a RUSH.  If no bookmaker is willing to work the nights/weekend days required to meet a RUSH deadline, a RUSH option is not available.  No book in the queue will be "moved back" in delivery dates to accommodate a RUSH job, as that would not be fair to those waiting for their books.
  4. The RUSH guarantees can be discussed in detail upon request.  We cannot guarantee delivery times for RUSHES that have repeated revision cycles.  We solely guarantee our part of the equation--the book delivery times.  We obviously can't control that if you have 2, 3, or 7 revision cycles. 
  5. All RUSH books also have the 100% premium applied to any revision fees or edit charges.  If you have what would normally be a $10 copy-editing fee, it's $20.  
  6. The likelihood of us taking RUSH books is extremely limited, as it's very difficult for us to schedule.  As stated above, in order to run our ship as tightly as we do, each bookmaker is schedule to the hilt, day-in and day-out.


And that's the end of our "Rush Rules."  If you feel you have a rush job, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss whether or not we can take the book.  Thanks!



Meowy Christmas!

Christmas 2024!

Yup, it's Christmas 2024!

See you again on January 3rd! Admin is closed until then!

Seriously--we "mostly" close from December 24th-ish until the middle of the week, first week of January. Production is still steaming along, but admin takes a desperately-needed break for ~10 days. We'll answer any emails that seem in dire straights, but generally speaking, we're mostly gone for that period of time.  See ya when we return!--Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!