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For a first time self published author, the process of formatting and marketing is daunting. Booknook's team of professionals made the process clear, understandable, and achievable. I can recommend their services without hesitation. Friendly encounters, prompt responses and will use them again.
Submitted on 11-Sep-2020


Not only were they prompt to reply and provide a great deal of information and assistance through the process they were fantastic to work with and patient with us as this was our first e-book. If you are looking for a great group of people to create your e-book and to have your expectations exceeded you have come to the right place. I highly recommend and intend to use them again in future for our next project.
Submitted on 17-Aug-2020


After several months of witnessing how helpful “Hitch” was to authors on the KDP community forum, I hired her company, BookNook.biz, to format my next book which happened to be an educational appeal to kids on the environment. I had previously collaborated with a marine mammal zoologist and collected tons of high-resolution underwater photos of sea creatures and ocean life. Although I’d conceptualized what I thought the book would/should look like, Kimberly Hitchens (aka. “Hitch”) and her capable team of designers not only brought it to life but produced a product far beyond my expectations. They also created multiple versions of it to meet national and international standards for digital, paperback, and hardcover. Since its release, “Pogo the Porpoise with a Purpose” has received two national awards – Best Children’s Educational Book from the Independent Press and a finalist for Best Books on the Environment from National Indie Excellence Awards. Despite wanting to take credit for these honors, BookNook.biz played a huge role in Pogo’s award-worthiness. Hitch and her team are such a creative group, and I am thrilled to have partnered with them on this project. If you are lucky enough to work with these folks, trust them to do their thing. They’re very good at what they do and dedicated to their craft. Kudos, Hitch, and thanks again for everything!
P.S. Yay for “Pogo the Porpoise with a Purpose” 😊 Lorie Givens, Author
Submitted on 07-Aug-2020


I am the author of eight books. So, I can assure you I know the level of effort that goes into writing one. When your baby is born, you don’t want to place it in the care of just anyone. That’s why I strongly recommend that you partner with Booknook.biz

This is the second time I partnered with Hitch’s organization. I think the world of them!!! They are knowledgeable, experienced, and a joy to work with.

I pride myself in finding top notch people/organizations and letting them do their magic. Once you hand your project over to Hitch’s team, you never have to worry. If they say they’ll do something, consider it done. It’s refreshing to find an organization that prides itself on the highest level of integrity and professionalism. I recommend Booknook.biz without reservation.

Frank Sonnenberg

Award-winning author of eight books and a well-known advocate for moral character, personal values, and personal responsibility
Submitted on 06-Aug-2020


The team was fantastic to work with! The process was easy and the end result was fantastic. We will definitely work with Booknook again on future projects!
Submitted on 13-Jul-2020


Booknookbiz combines top professional service, a friendly, caring and even fun attitude, and very reasonable charges. I don’t think you can do any better than that. The caring aspect includes patience, useful advice, and respect for the project, while the professional angle includes a clean, quality product delivered in a timely manner. I used them for an e-book conversion, but received more than that from the upbeat, personable owner, Hitch. I was also very happy with the understanding shown by Barb, who did the conversion. In particular over some layout concerns, such as the need for poetry excerpts amid the narrative to read neatly and not sprawl all over the page, as is often the case. This is a place which clearly takes pride in working smoothly with the client.
Submitted on 25-May-2020


The folks at Booknookbiz are extremely responsive and competent. I was having monumental technical difficulties uploading PDFs for paperback publication by KDP. I had tried solving my issue with KDP support and google, but was getting nowhere. Booknookbiz responded right away and aggressively tackled my issue until it was solved. Highly recommended.
Submitted on 17-May-2020


I have very much enjoyed my experience with Booknook.Biz. Rather than spend months working my way through the challenging process of producing files for KDP in a field totally alien to me, I spent that period working alongside Booknook.Biz to produce the best outcome any author could wish for. Their attention to detail is awesome and their honesty in giving me feedback where my ignorance of publishing would have diminished the end product, has been very much valued and appreciated. Whenever I have encountered difficulties it was due to my lack of understanding of the plentiful information provided (and there are tons of it, believe you me!) and every effort was made to find a way to remedy my failures in ways that would not kill my bank account and still get me the result I was aiming for. I asked for the best, and that's what I got! The unfailing sense of humor that pervades everything Booknook.Biz does has been the cherry on the cake and it has made dealing with them a real delight.
Submitted on 14-May-2020


Out of a "Universe" of manuscript companies out there, I selected "BookNookBiz" and have never had any reason to look elsewhere. I've published two books through them to date. Their team members exemplify the term 'personable' and are a joy to interact with. They are true experts in every aspect of manuscript conversion and publishing. I was truly impressed with the cover that was done by an amazing artist within their organization; capturing the essence of my written adventure exactly! Both the Kindle and Print version covers "SPARKLE" when viewed on internet Ads. Kudos to each and every one of the team members I interacted with. No question was left unanswered and I profited from the expertise of them all. Writing is a challenging endeavor for anyone; publishing another challenge altogether. BNB has the expertise to knock down walls and eliminate road bumps to get your work out there where the public can enjoy it. Their rates are reasonable; their advice priceless! My highest accolade - Buy with confidence!
Submitted on 27-Feb-2020


As a first time author, I probably had as many questions as the length of my book itself. Booknook.biz took all the time and patience needed to help me get them the information they needed to produce an excellent product. The cover design, fonts, layouts and suggestions were all delivered in prompt fashion and good humor (a necessary ingredient in this endeavor). Trying to convert your manuscript yourself for publishing comes under the category of "don't try this at home". These are the people that will make your dream come true.
Submitted on 03-Feb-2020


I had a great experience working with Booknook. They converted three large MS Word manuscripts to eBooks, giving me all the information and support I needed to get the job done with no hassles and right on time.They did everything they said they would do and the price was right in my budget, too. They know what they're doing and they deliver! I highly recommend Booknook. I'm already working with them on my next project.
Submitted on 02-Feb-2020

Phone Call Alert! 

(Please read, thanks.) 

Old Timey Switchboard Operator Cartoon


Due to the COVID-19 onslaught, we currently cannot take incoming phone calls.  


A notification about phone calls:  due to the COVID-19 plague, we've significantly increased our incoming inquiries--nearly double our usual volume--and the number of incoming inquiries by phone has been literally overwhelming.  Although most writers will say that their call "will only take 15 minutes," the truth is, that after 10 years of doing this, most author inquiry calls take an hour.  45 minutes at best. I'm currently receiving 7-10 calls/day, and due to that, I've had to stop accepting incoming phone calls, which my voicemail will tell you. You can leave a message--I can't call you back without one--and if a call is needed, I will of course call you.  But we have very complete and extensive email replies, handouts and our website is very informative. Almost all the questions that I receive during a call are actually already answered on our site, or are, in fact, publishing questions, not questions about our services, what we do, what we offer, or the like.  I already handle between 90-130 emails/day, as it is. I can't handle that many emails and take 7-10 hours of calls each day. I can't. So, in order to be able to answer this huge email volume, to help the greatest number of people, with my time, I've had to stop accepting calls.  I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. I'm in the process of setting up a call-appointment function, for free 15-minute calls to answer questions from new prospective customers and longer paid sessions for folks who generally want consulting on "publishing," generally (and for prospective kids' book publishers, as a special category of paid consulting).  But that functionality isn't yet set up. I hope to get that working the 3rd week of July, sometime.  

Thank you for your understanding.