Conversion Pricing from Word

Our "From Word" Pricing

The table below is to obtain a general idea of the pricing for conversion from Word, RTF, Wordperfect, Open Office or other word-processed source files/manuscripts. The average fiction book converted by us comes in, price-wise, at between $185-$225.00, which includes two complete ebooks, one in ePUB format and one in MOBI format.  This average number assumes a clean Word (or other) file that does not need clean-up. Just like our books, all of our quotes are custom--created from each individual book, as no two books are alike. Most simple fiction or fiction-like prices will fall within the rates stated below. Files that have additional formatting elements, like lists, emails, text-messages, newspaper articles, etc., will incur additional costs as shown in the below table.

  • eBook I
  • $175.00

  • Under 75K
    • Books under 75K Words
    • For Fiction/Non-Fiction
    • Includes Fully-Linked TOC
    • Title Page
    • Frontmatter
    • Operational NCX
    • KF8-Optimized Formatting
    • Embedded Cover
    • Fast Turnaround
    • Linked Backmatter
    • Page Breaks/Chapters
    • See Samples
  • Get Started!
  • eBook III
  • $225.00

  • 100K-125K
    • 100-125K Words
    • For Fiction/Non-Fiction
    • Includes Fully-Linked TOC
    • Title Page
    • Frontmatter
    • Operational NCX
    • KF8-Optimized Formatting
    • Embedded Cover
    • Fast Turnaround
    • Linked Backmatter
    • Page Breaks/Chapters
    • See Samples
  • Sign up
DescriptionNovella (under 17.5K words)Under 55K wordsUnder 75K words75-100K words100K-150K words150-200K words
Base Price: $135 USD $155 USD $185 USD $200 USD $225 USD $250 USD

- Fully-linked TOC, plus Logical TOC (NCX)
- Formatted Title Page,
- About the Author page with social media links,
- embedded cover;
- chapters start on new pages;
- hand-coded in HTML/CSS to ensure quality;
- KF8-optimized formatting

included included included included included included
Our Bulletproof Guarantee: included included included included included included
Clean-up if needed* $40 USD per hour $40 USD per hour $40 USD per hour $40 USD per hour $40 USD per hour $40 USD per hour
Images (in packages of 10) $20 USD per pkg $20 USD per pkg $20 USD per pkg $20 USD per pkg $20 USD per pkg $20 USD per pkg
Tables, each $10 USD per $10 USD per $10 USD per $10 USD per $10 USD per $10 USD per
Numbered or Bulleted Lists $20 USD per 20 $20 USD per 20 $20 USD per 20 $20 USD per 20 $20 USD per 20 $20 USD per 20
Fonts, Open Source $20 USD per font $20 USD per font $20 USD per font $20 USD per font $20 USD per font $20 USD per font


What Do I Get?

For most books, we provide you with two completely finished, hand-coded eBooks, one in each of the major eBook formats. One in MOBI format, for Amazon, and one in ePUB format (for Nook, iBooks, KoboBooks, Sony, Smashwords, etc.).

*Do these prices include file clean-up?

No--these prices assume that you've provided us with a clean Word file.  If you don't know how to see if your file is a clean Word file is, you may not have one. See our article in our Main FAQ about how you can clean up your file in advance to avoid additional clean-up charges.  What you're paying for with us is professional eBook formatting, to ensure that your book looks beautiful and works correctly on all e-reading devices.  We don't simply clean up a Word file and hand it back to you--we build your books in HTML and CSS, to ensure gorgeous, correctly-formatted ebooks that will work across the entire pantheon of e-readers out there.  

Do you do the uploading for me?

If you really need help in uploading your files, we'll help you. We can do this via a Skype video-call session, a phone call, or other means available through our Publisher's Concierge program. It's best if we don't do the actual uploading for you, because when your book is uploaded, all sorts of personal information is visible, like your address, bank account numbers, social security number, and that sort of thing.  You should want to keep that information private. Also, it's against Amazon's rules for you to let a third-party (like us!) log in as you--it legally voids your contract with them.  So, yes, we'll help you--but unless you are disabled in some way (legally blind, etc.) we really prefer not to do it for you.  Truly, not one person in 100 needs help after they've received a fully-formatted, complete book from us.  You won't, either.  

What happens if you make a mistake in conversion?

A mistake?  Inconceivable!  Okay, in all seriousness, Princess Bride references aside, of course, mistakes can happen.  We're humans, not machines.  If we make a mistake, we'll fix it.  Period.  It's our Bulletproof Guarantee.  You'll be happy when you leave here.  

What's the Bulletproof Guarantee?

Very simply, exactly what it sounds like. You'll be happy when you leave here, period.  We work our buns off for you.  

Can I get a quote for a print layout PDF?

You betcha!  For fiction and simple non-fiction layout, see our POD Package pricing plans.  If your book is very complex, we'll likely refer you out to a Trusted Provider, as we don't have the resources in-house to take on highly complex print layout projects.  We like to stick to what we're good at.  

But I still have a question about...

Generally speaking, we've probably already answered that question.  We strongly recommend that you download our FAQ ATTACK!, which has answers to the six areas of most-commonly asked publishing questions on two fast pages, our Booknook.Biz eBookery 101 Handbook, and take the time to cruise through our AWESOME FAQ.  The FAQ is extremely thorough, and the Resource Links section has links to almost every topic under the sun, from the best blogs, websites and answers we could find.  

If you need help about publishing, in general, after checking our FAQ, FAQ ATTACK, the Handbook, etc., we are happy to offer Publisher's Concierge consulting services.  Please contact us and ask about pricing for these additional services.   While we are delighted to assist all our customers in every way we can, we obviously--at our pricing--cannot afford to provide unpaid consulting time on topics outside of our scope of work on the deliverables (the ePUB and MOBI files, PDFs, etc.), to keep our formatting and conversion pricing affordable for everyone.  

Still not sure?
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Phone Call Alert! 

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Due to the COVID-19 onslaught, we currently cannot take incoming phone calls.  

And since nobody reads anything, I've simply removed the phone number from the site.  

A notification about phone calls:  due to the COVID-19 plague, we've significantly increased our incoming inquiries--nearly double our usual volume--and the number of incoming inquiries by phone has been literally overwhelming.  Although most writers will say that their call "will only take 15 minutes," the truth is, that after 10 years of doing this, most author inquiry calls take an hour.  45 minutes at best. I'm currently receiving 7-10 calls/day, and due to that, I've had to stop accepting incoming phone calls, which my voicemail will tell you. You can leave a message--I can't call you back without one--and if a call is needed, I will of course call you.  But we have very complete and extensive email replies, handouts and our website is very informative. Almost all the questions that I receive during a call are actually already answered on our site, or are, in fact, publishing questions, not questions about our services, what we do, what we offer, or the like.  I already handle between 90-130 emails/day, as it is. I can't handle that many emails and take 7-10 hours of calls each day. I can't. So, in order to be able to answer this huge email volume, to help the greatest number of people, with my time, I've had to stop accepting calls.  I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. I'm in the process of setting up a call-appointment function, for free 15-minute calls to answer questions from new prospective customers and longer paid sessions for folks who generally want consulting on "publishing," generally (and for prospective kids' book publishers, as a special category of paid consulting).  But that functionality isn't yet set up. I hope to get that working the 3rd week of July, sometime.  

Thank you for your understanding.