Our Pricing Generally

This page will give you very broad ballpark figures in terms of pricing.  The more-detailed pricing pages are also available, here on the menu, if you want to calculate your costs more accurately. However, never forget: our quotes are no-obligation and completely free.   That means that there's no reason not to go right ahead and send your manuscript in for a quote.  It's free, easy, and a good way to know your exact pricing.

Fiction/Simple Books:

The average Fiction or Fiction-like book (simple paragraphical text, see the Fiction or Simple Conversion article for samples) runs $185-$225.00 USD.  This price includes a conversion to both ePUB and MOBI formats--two books for the price of one. 

Non-Fiction/More Complex Books:

Now, obviously, this category can vary widely; we've done $75.00 books and we've done $1500.00 books.  But on average, most of the usual non-fiction we see ranges from $250-$350.00 USD.  If your book has hundreds of images, it's going to be quite a bit more; if the complexity is extremely high, ditto.  But we try pretty hard to make eBook conversion with us as affordable as possible for our clients--because an author whose book is financially successful is going to come back with more books for us to convert!  In other words, it's in our own best interests for you to succeed, after you leave our shop.  You can get an idea of the books that fit in this category by viewing our Non-Fiction and Moderate Complex Showcase Gallery.  Again, this pricing includes both ePUB and MOBI formats. 

Complex Books:

Again, this is a wildly varying category, ranging from books that are simpler "how-to" books to extremely complex layouts like some cookbooks, or automotive manuals.  Generally speaking, these books will average out with a starting price of roughly $2/page, and go up from there.  You can get an idea of the sort of book we're talking about in this grouping by checking out either the Complex Layouts Showcase or the Conversion from PDF services section article.  There are representative images in both.  Pricing includes both ePUB and MOBI formats. 

Kids' Books, Comics, and Fixed-Format Books

Unfortunately, we can't really give you a range of prices that will be helpful in this grouping, as there isn't an "average" price for these. Please make sure that you read these articles:  Kids Books, Comics and Fixed-Format, About Kids' Books as Ebooks, and view the Kids Book Showcase to see what's entailed.  Remember:  each retailer has its own specifications for "fixed-format," so, unlike regular books, we can't just give you a MOBI for Amazon, and an ePUB for "everyone else."  We'll have to make you one ePUB for every retailer you want to go to:  iBooks, KoboBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc.  It's also really important to note that you need a special publisher's agreement with B&N to publish "NookKids" books with B&N.  Pricing on this only includes the specific formats that you need. 

Pricing and Quoting FAQ

What's Included?

Generally, for the typical book, one MOBI formatted eBook, one ePUB formatted eBook (the first for Amazon, the latter for other retailers); we include embedding the cover, a fully-linked and functional TOC (Table of Contents), chapters starting on new pages/sections, embedded fonts (if desired), an About the Author page and all relevant front/back-matter.  Basic and typical clean-up is included; clean-up needed above and beyond what is typical will be quoted as an additional fee.  

How Long Is Your Quote Good For?

All our quotes are good for 60 days, unless we expressly tell you otherwise.  Each quote is detailed, letting you know exactly what each formatting element costs (for example:  basic formatting is $X.00, indices, $Y.00, etc.) 

Is My Manuscript Safe from Copyright Infringement?

Yes, of course. It's completely safe with us.  If we were stealing people's IP (Intellectual Property), we'd be out of business pretty darn quick.  However, if you're worried, we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement ready to go, that we'll sign if you like. 

Sending Materials for A Quote

If you have a single file, under 20MB in size, you can send that to us through the Contact page right here on the website.  If you have more files than that, or larger, please see our article on Sending Materials so that you can see all the ways you can reach us. 

What's The Average Turnaround Time?

Unless we tell you otherwise, you'll receive your converted book or books in 8 working days from the time we receive your final manuscript (or PDF file, InDesign file, etc.) and cover for conversion. Of course, sometimes, things happen--people get sick, etc.--but mostly, we hit those schedules.  Depending on the file you send, we may either send you both formats at once to proof (both ePUB and MOBI) or the ePUB first, as your "review copy," and then build the MOBI file from the approved ePUB, in a linear fashion. 

Why use Booknook.biz?

Basically, because we're one of the top firms in the business.  We've been around since 2008; on the Amazon Professional Converter's List since 2010; award-nominated and top-five finisher in the Digital Book World's 2015 Digital Book Awards for formatting excellence, and our customer satisfaction rate, as collected independently and publicly displayed, (see our FEEFO Feedback and Customer Reviews) is always at or near 100%.  No brag, just fact. We're a small business that busts our tails to make your books beautiful and perfect.  We have real, live people working here that will address and solve your problems.  

What Type of Payments Do You Accept?

Well, we pretty much take anything--credit cards, Paypal, and even checks. We prefer not to take goats or chickens, though.  Thanks!

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