White Label Services

Are You a Publisher, Imprint, or Print-Layout House?

If you're a publisher:

Publishers have been taking a lot of heat, the past 6-8 years, for the lack of quality in their ebook conversions, both from their existing-print backlists and new(er) titles.  While everyone, even a big publishing company, has to live with a publishing budget, there's no need to compromise your quality, just to save a few pennies.  Ask us about our white-label publisher rates, to keep your pricing low and your quality high. 

Are You a New Imprint Seeking Conversion Services?:

For new imprints, it's even more important to put your best foot forward in capturing new readers.  The last thing that you or your authors want to have to deal with are KQN's--Kindle Quality Notices--for reader complaints, for lousy formatting.  (And yes: be assured, KQN's are not imaginary!  They exist, and are sent out with great regularity). 

Make sure that you set out the way that you intend to continue--by using an eBook Formatting House that's recognized for its excellence and proven track record. 

Print Layout Houses, Don't Miss This Opportunity!

If you're a traditional print layout house, you have enormous demands on you!  You have the time investment needed to work with your clients through the extensive initial layout process.  All the hand-holding, the work of prepping the material...helping obtain CIPs, ISBN's, copyright registration; those demands on your time and expertise are significant.  Adding in the costs and expertise of preparing perfectly-formatted, ready-for-upload eBooks can simply make that burden too much for you to shoulder alone. 

We specialize in providing White Label services for print layout houses, taking in your final INDD files and returning to you, under your credit line, eBooks that are stunning and ready to go, for prices that allow you to earn appropriate compensation therefor. 


We are a 2015 Top-Five Finalist for eBook Excellence, in the Digital Book World's Digital Book Awards Adult Fiction, Reflowable category! You can have the same quality of book for your publishing house, imprint or print-layout clients.




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