Print Layout for Print On Demand

POD LAYOUT:  We do offer POD ("print on demand") layout services.  We offer this for fiction titles and any title that is similar to fiction in layout, like memoirs  which have paragraphical layout and some images, or even books with some tables.  We do not offer print layout formatting for complex or "coffee table" books.  If you are contemplating a print book, you are likely considering an option that will need a Print-on-Demand layout PDF. 

Unsure what a POD is, or whether you need one?  Check out our FAQ article:  What is a POD PDF?

Our POD Pricing:

Generally, our pricing is comparable to Createspace's pricing.  Our base price, for print layout alone, for 75K words, starts at $350.00.  (This pricing is for under 75K words, and does not include eBooks, Cover design services, embedded fonts, etc.)  *pricing information updated 6-25-2019, due to constant misunderstandings about what that included.  

We do offer "POD Packages" that have Print POD (a PDF you can use at Createspace, Lightning Source, etc.) coupled with two ebooks, one in ePUB and MOBI format.  Our prices are extremely competitive.  (Compare these to other Formatting houses that start POD layout pricing at $1.50 for every 250 words:  that's $600.00 for 100K words, without any ebooks.  Our prices for POD packages, for under 75K words, including one print layout PDF plus two ebooks, one in MOBI, one in ePUB, start at $480.00.)


Movie Star Terence Stamps' Rare Stamps
Our print layout for movie star Terence Stamps' "Rare Stamps."

Our print layout for the charming
Our print layout for the charming "Saving Mim," by author Nan McAdam

We highly recommend, for package pricing, that if you expect to need a PDF or print book for reviewers or other reasons that you consider contracting for print layout at the same time as you do the eBooks.  Yes, it's more money upfront, but it saves you quite a lot of money overall.  

POD LAYOUT AVAILABILITY:  Our POD layout services are limited and are provided to clients upon request on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you have any interest, please drop in and visit our Print Formatting Showcase.

Phone Call Alert! 

(Please read, thanks.) 

Old Timey Switchboard Operator Cartoon


Due to the COVID-19 onslaught, we currently cannot take incoming phone calls.  

And since nobody reads anything, I've simply removed the phone number from the site.  

A notification about phone calls:  due to the COVID-19 plague, we've significantly increased our incoming inquiries--nearly double our usual volume--and the number of incoming inquiries by phone has been literally overwhelming.  Although most writers will say that their call "will only take 15 minutes," the truth is, that after 10 years of doing this, most author inquiry calls take an hour.  45 minutes at best. I'm currently receiving 7-10 calls/day, and due to that, I've had to stop accepting incoming phone calls, which my voicemail will tell you. You can leave a message--I can't call you back without one--and if a call is needed, I will of course call you.  But we have very complete and extensive email replies, handouts and our website is very informative. Almost all the questions that I receive during a call are actually already answered on our site, or are, in fact, publishing questions, not questions about our services, what we do, what we offer, or the like.  I already handle between 90-130 emails/day, as it is. I can't handle that many emails and take 7-10 hours of calls each day. I can't. So, in order to be able to answer this huge email volume, to help the greatest number of people, with my time, I've had to stop accepting calls.  I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. I'm in the process of setting up a call-appointment function, for free 15-minute calls to answer questions from new prospective customers and longer paid sessions for folks who generally want consulting on "publishing," generally (and for prospective kids' book publishers, as a special category of paid consulting).  But that functionality isn't yet set up. I hope to get that working the 3rd week of July, sometime.  

Thank you for your understanding.