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If you're a first-time publisher, the number of choices can be overwhelming. You need to start out with some basic questions, and work your way up and out of the morass of options from there. Want to start?

What Is Your Desired Outcome?

Do you think you want a print book? A book in Ebook format? Both? It helps us to assist you, if you already know what you want. If you're not familiar with the choices, you may wish to start with our articles about ....

How Much Do You Already Know About Publishing?

We recommend that you download our much-loved FAQ ATTACK. The FAQ ATTACK! is a simple, 2-page PDF, packed with our answers to the six areas of questions we receive the most often. If you know the answers to what's in the FAQ ATTACK, then you're an experienced publisher, or you've done your homework (and good on you!). You can find the FAQ ATTACK by clicking here: The FAQ ATTACK!

If you don't, and these questions are unfamiliar to you, then you may need some additional help from us, as you go through your publishing process. That's not a problem! We're always happy to assist. Our base book layout pricing assumes that you're an experienced publisher, or that you'll have done a fair amount of research into how publishing happens (things like, how to register your copyright, how to obtain an ISBN, or if you even need one, how to find a cover designer, uploading your files at the KDP or Createspace, etc.). If you haven't, or don't want to invest that time, let us know, and we'll include some of our Author's Concierge or Publisher's Assistant consulting time for you, in our quote.

Alternatively, you may wish to avail yourself of the pretty extensive resources available here, on this site.  You can visit the Awesome FAQ; check out our RESOURCES section; download the Handbook, or, for those of you who are big on research, try out our site-wide SEARCH feature.   On every page, on the right-hand side of the menu, look for this icon:  and click it. Type your inquiry to the  RIGHT of the icon. You can then narrow the search results from that point, choosing only to see articles, categories, resources, weblinks, and the like. 

Are You Ready to Self-Publish?
Are You Ready to Self-Publish?

What is Your Current Format?

Is your source file, your manuscript, in Word format? RTF? Pages? PDF? Did you create your file using another type of word-processor or book-writing program, like Scrivener, LSB, YWriter?  When you send us a file for a quote, you'll need to know how to attach that file to an email, or send it to us via Hightail.  No matter what, as every single book is a custom job, we'll need to see your entire book in order to give you a quote. We quote books at a fixed-rate price--$XXX.00 for this or that.  We don't have open-ended hourly formatting, so we have to know what we're getting into, before we can all go further.  Please don't ask us to quote from a "sample" file. We quote from WIP (Works-in-progress) all the time, so that's not an issue. We can always update a quote, later, if needed, but most quotes don't need to be changed.

ISBNs, Copyright Protection, CIP, and Other Matters 

 If you've downloaded the FAQ ATTACK!, then you'll already know if you need an ISBN for your book(s) or not. If you do, type "ISBN" into the search bar, and click the article that comes up. If you haven't downloaded the FAQ ATTACK!, you can do so now.  If you haven't registered your copyright, type "copyright" into the search bar, and click the Copyright article that comes up.  You'll be taken right to the US Government's online copyright registration page. 

The 13 Most-Asked Questions at the Kindle Digital Publishing forum:

Read this article on the 13 Most-Asked Questions, by newbies, at the KDP forum:  13 Things You'll Ask at Amazon's KDP Program, Part 1, and then, between this article, and the one I just linked to, you'll be able to start getting your arms around what it takes to be a self-publisher.




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