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Author: Jon McKibbon
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You can not legislate the poor into freedom … and you can not multiply wealth by dividing it. The Gov’t is not responsible for you…you are responsible for yourself. See, the question isn’t whether or not the government can solve certain ills and injustices, it’s do they have the scope and authority to even try? Limited government means that we provide resources and empower government in very selective ways to carry out services, which a collective cannot do on its own. National defense, infrastructure, a legislative and judicial framework are the core tenets. The government doesn’t solve problems…it can barely identify them. I see the role of government like that of a football referee. They are there to protect and see that the rules are followed… giving folks a level playing field on which to compete. They shouldn’t be involved in what plays are called, who gets in the game, and for damn sure they’re role as an enforcement body should never intrude to the point where outcomes are decided. The Progressive Determination to Destroy The Constitution; Alter History, Laws and Deceive the Public…But WE Can and Must Stop the Perpetuation. Your Vote Counts!

Date insert: Thursday, 25 July 2024