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Author: Saul Thomas
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In this book, we follow a remarkable, but true journey of how one man, became a Clairsentient Medium, a healer and a Clairvoyant.
It was during this Christmas period of 1997 that the World of a successful businessman in the Hairdressing industry, in his early forties and father of three was thrown upside down and changed forever following the death of a close family member.
It is a story that follows the eventful psychic development of this gifted man.
Born in London in the year of 1955 and grew up in Australia. Life appeared to be normal in this age of technology and science, where we are taught to believe only what we can prove, and see with our own eyes. The psychic world then was viewed with skepticism.
So follow us on this fascinating journey.
See why one man was visited by so many spirits, follow his successes as a healer and the past life regression of 1916 to 1944. The constant visits and guidance by those family members of that life time still continue even today. They were Controversial people, from a controversial time.

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