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Author: Rob Westerman
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When will the Rapture occur? Remember the predictions of the Rapture happening May 21, 2011? Remember this same prediction claims the end of the world will be October 21, 2011? See for yourself from the Bible why the date setters and self appointed doomsday prophets will always be wrong. Since the early 19th century these false prophets have been predicting over and over the “signs” of the rapture are certain, and Jesus will secretly return and take believers to heaven. Then the Great Tribulation will occur. Every pre-tribulation rapture prediction and end of the world prophecy in the past 170 years has been wrong. They predicted the rapture when WWI started. Then WWII. Then in 1948 when Israel became a newly created state. Then in 1967 when the Arab- Israeli 6-Day War happened. Who are these people, where do their beliefs come from? See for yourself what the Bible reveals.

Date insert: Thursday, 07 December 2023

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