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Author: Carroll Bennett
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Jamie and Windy, two young newcomers to a Wyoming mining town, befriend a frisky pack rat with the intriguing name of “Dynamite George.” He becomes the focus of their lives when his antics and stealthy behavior get him in trouble with the uranium miners, a group of hardworking men with nicknames like “Mick,” “Sonny,” “Woody,” “Skinny Wren,” and “Traitor Jack," the federal mining inspector. A late night escapade starting in the miners' shower room finds Dynamite George following the scent of Luigi's meatball sandwich into the depth of the mine with the night shift workers. The outcome is a series of events neither Dynamite George nor the miners bargained for – a gripping tale with a curious pack rat as the unlikely hero.

Through the adventures of a pack rat, Jamie and Windy take the reader into a world beneath the earth's surface and give them an understanding of mining and the people who work in the tunnels below. In this mining community, there are rumors that elf-like creatures (“Tommy Knockers”) are haunting the mine. When readers come up for air, they will have a better appreciation for those who work underground. Readers will develop a special love for that little furry creature who captured their hearts at the beginning of The Legend of Dynamite George – the Mining Pack Rat.

Date insert: Sunday, 23 June 2024