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Author: E.J. Daniel
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An investigation by the P.I. of a hand in a glove and a corpse without a hand, just not this hand. An impending IPO for a kinky internet site involves people who are never what they seem. Believing he has solved the mystery, The P.I. and his friends take a luxurious catamaran from Santa Barbara to Oahu for a relaxing vacation. The idyllic voyage turns deadly on the high seas, followed by more mystery and death on the Northshore of Oahu.

Date insert: Saturday, 03 December 2022

Phone Call Service Back in Service! 

(Please read, thanks; updated 11-28-2022.

Old Timey Switchboard Operator Cartoon


YUP ladies and gents, phone service is back in service and we are good to go.

During Covd, we had no choice but to stop accepting phone calls.  Now, we can lift that ban and return to our usual service.

Thank you for your understanding.