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Author: Joan M. Meredyth
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Do angels have two legs, or four?

For a litter of pups growing up in an Arizona dump, their mother's disappearance is the beginning of an odyssey. Setting out on separate paths, they experience the dangers of nature — and the ultimate joy, terror, and challenge of life with humans. By serendipity, some meet the people they need; some meet the people who need them — and all are changed. Drug dealers, dogfighters, vigilantes, and a rattlesnake test the pups' courage, while their love, loyalty, and joie de vivre bring solace and healing to an abused child, a heart-broken Deputy Sheriff, and others.

Dawn Capp, Founder of Chako Pit Bull Rescue, writes:

I have read Ms. Maredyth's novel DANCE ON THE HEAD OF A PIN, and I heartily recommend it. The book, while entertaining and engaging, gives an accurate portrayal of the problems Pit Bulls...encounter. The exotic setting and human characters add to the book's interest. Maredyth's novel will...raise consciousness and stir discussion on this controversial subject. ...Pit Bulls are a hot topic in the press, and educational stories that show the abuses and problems these dogs face shed light on this misunderstood breed. Her novel exposes the cruelty these dogs often face and will serve as an important work to advance the welfare of these animals.

Date insert: Monday, 27 May 2024