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Author: Deborah Cardona
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A dazzling young mother of two who became a corrections officer for the State of New York for one reason and one reason only, it wasn’t to get away from the abusive husband who knocked her around from time to time, it wasn’t for the two daughters who she claimed she wanted to give a better life to. And it sure wasn’t for the job she pledged to do the best to her ability. Deja became a corrections officer to fulfill one of her greatest fantasies – becoming New York’s most dedicated madam.

Recruiting six young women who are fresh out of the P-Nile was the hard part. With the help of two she/he Deja is able to open a place of pleasure named Butterflies, which she uses as a front. It is an art to sell your goodies for funds, and this is a task Deja puts her all into. But is she ready for the challenges this position will bring her way?

Find out how Deja places her ladies in the hands of many officials who will eventually become not only their “Johns” but also their worst nightmare. Join Deja on a rollercoaster ride of pleasure and betrayal. Every woman dreams of life of mystery, now is your chance to see it...through her eyes.

Date insert: Thursday, 23 May 2024