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Cover of 13 Lessons in 13.1 Miles

13 Lessons in 13.1 Miles: How Running a Half-Marathon Can Help You Succeed in Business and in Life by Cheri.....

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Cover of 2012 Airborne Prophesy

With earth changes already starting and the fight for control of mind altering methods of brainwashing the.....

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Cover of 25 Lessons in Official Jujitsu

Mark Kline is a professional martial artist specializing in the study of Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point Fighting) as.....

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Cover of 50 Wonderful Ways to be a Single-Parent Family

Here is the ultimate single parent's guide to satisfying family life! No matter what form your family is, you.....

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Cover of A Dead Red Cadillac

Twice divorced NY model, Lalla Bains, now runs her dad's Aero Ag business in Modesto, California where.....

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Cover of A Dead Red Heart

Lalla Bains, ex-model and Aero Ag pilot has plenty to keep her busy during another long hot summer in the San.....

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Cover of A Deadly Mission
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Cover of a disturbed girl's guide to curing boredom

Hannah Harker is bored. Her tedious job as a local newspaper.....

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Cover of A Nose for Hanky Panky

It's Midnight in Granite Cove; only the sea clams are open......

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Cover of A Place of Forgetting

1966. As summer ends in Maplekill, New York, the dreams of 19-year-old Liz Roark turn to dust. A girl known only.....

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Cover of A Season on the Edge

From the first signs of life in the backwaters of the South Shore on an April night, to the year's last push.....

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Cover of A Sense of the Sea

We all have a sense of the sea. Even if you have never been in or on the sea, you know what it looks and sounds.....

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Cover of A Skeleton in the Closet

No. 3 in the Kate Lawrence Mystery Series: Everyone has a skeleton or two in their pasts, but the one that turns.....

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Cover of A Step Forward

A Step Forward: A New Approach to Spiritualist Ideas is a channeled book, the first of three. The information.....

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Cover of A Visit From The Blues Brothers

An eclectic collection of short stories intended to provide the reader with some humor, some suspense, and a few.....

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Cover of A Woman's Touch

This collection of 11 short stories places women at the heart of murder and misdemeanors--in some they are.....

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Cover of Above Victoria & Vancouver Island

ABOVE VICTORIA AND VANCOUVER ISLAND is a stunning collection of 105 aerial photographs of Vancouver Island, BC.....

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Cover of Absolute Poison

Detective Inspector Joseph Rafferty is having a bad week —.....

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Cover of Activities That Teach

Kids learn best by doing! A book filled with activities that engage kids in the learning process. Activities that.....

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Cover of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Made Easy)

This large book is a complete study guide to acupuncture and oriental medicine. The book will be of benefit to.....

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Cover of ADD Stole My Car Keys

Authors Rick Green and Dr. Umesh Jain reveal 155 common signs, symptoms, behaviors and challenges that adults with.....

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Cover of Adman

He’s Creative Director and Sr. VP of the biggest privately owned advertising agency in The Business. Sounds.....

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Cover of Agency

After a traditional Mormon upbringing, including a houseful of siblings and expectations that she will marry.....

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Cover of Alberta Wild Rose

Sheltered Alberta Rose O’Neill thinks everyone including her parents’ obsession with finding the Lost.....

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Cover of Alone

There are no rules in murder. Some kill for love, some for hate, some for sport, and some from fear. People in law.....

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Cover of Along the Fortune Trail

From the time Sammy Winds pulled on his first pair of spurs, he understood the difficulties of living in the new.....

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Cover of American Monotheism: Contemporary Essays on God, Reason, America and Science

American Monotheism consists of 13 provocative essays concerning religion in the contemporary world. Seven of the.....

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Cover of An Easy Approach to Interrogation

This book is filled with Doctor Kuhns' successful interview/interrogation approaches, his techniques and.....

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Cover of An Illustrated Guide to Soccer and Spanish

An illustrated introduction to essential Spanish terms for playing and watching.....

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Cover of An Intimate Ghost

Restaurateur Jane Lawless is thrilled to be catering the wedding of some family friends, Nick and Lauren Clifford,.....

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Cover of An Unspeakable Mission

When a vicious alcoholic dies in a suspicious house fire, Rev. Olympia Brown and Father Jim Sawicki stretch the.....

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Cover of Angels and Manners

Working-class single mother Carrie Angel is raising her two teenaged sons in Section 8 housing while she finishes.....

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Cover of Are the Medjugorje Apparitions Authentic?

Reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the little village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, have.....

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Cover of Arrogant Atheists and Fundamentalist Fools

Author and paleontologist George Bishop complains about and analyzes what motivates atheists, religious.....

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Cover of As The Table Turns

Dixie Stuart, Queen of the Southern Romance novel is forty-two, divorced, living in Manhattan, overweight, and the.....

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Cover of Aspiration Control: The rape of liberty

Aspiration Control: the rape of liberty is – a tale of hope and will, overcoming adversity – a modern.....

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Cover of Autograph Hell

This book is for everyone who has or will trust in the autograph business whose treasured prize is possibly the.....

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Cover of AVANT L' AUBE Pens

“Tu mènes une vie solitaire…” Ces 28 lectures séquentielles peuvent être le.....

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Cover of Awake!

Awake! challenges you to emerge from the complacency and illusion of conventional existence by exploring your.....

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Cover of Babies, Bikes and Broads

Babies, Bikes, and Broads is the third book in the Cat Rising trilogy. Cat Hood doesn’t want to go home. She.....

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Cover of Barbary Point

When Kelly English flies back to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to close out her father's estate, the last thing on her.....

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Cover of Basic Butch

BASIC BUTCH is a collection of edgy short stories, reminiscent of film noire, set in some of America's leading.....

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Cover of BEFORE DAWN An Inspired Guidance For Those Who Are Questioning

It is as though you are lost, yet searching for something at the same time! These 28 readings are for those of you.....

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Cover of Beloved Island: Franklin and Eleanor and the Legacy of Campobello

This is the story of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the ways in which their lives were influenced by their.....

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Cover of Between Flops: A Biography of Preston Sturges

Preston Sturges set a new standard for creativity in Hollywood. He not only wrote such films as “The Lady.....

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Cover of Blood Memory: A Tale of the Supernatural

Jack Douglas an M.D. in I.C.U. suddenly has an enhanced ability to heal. This talent is dangerous as others.....

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Cover of Blood Russian

Boris wasn't cut out to be a smuggler. He just wanted to write a novel, and smuggling a truckload of hot auto.....

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Cover of Blood Trance

When a former patient calls out for help, Maddy, a brilliant forensic hypnotherapist, must rely on her brother,.....

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Cover of Blood, Money, Power

Inspired by a true story of wealth and greed that leads to murder. It is the saga of the Preston family bloodline.....

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Cover of Bobby Slater's World

Bobby will lead the fight against the curse and he’ll have help from people living and dead, his sisters and a.....

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T'was the Night Before Christmas... 

 (With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, may he forgive my doggerel...)

...and all through the shop,
all we minions were working,
   until ready to drop.

The ebooks were flying,
the covers were spare,
The edits were crazy,
   with "one more thing I must share!"

We waited for Santa,
'Cuz we love old Saint Nick,
But Hitch made us work,
   Waving 'round an old stick!

So slave we all did,
And made all your books,
So that Hitch would say now,
   that we're off the hook.

Come today we're off,
to rest up our fingers,
Our hats we will doff,
   No books they do linger.

But we'll all be back,
Don't give it a thought,
for like all wage slaves,
   we're easily bought.

We'll be back on the fifth,
all eager and fresh,
All ready for you,
   after a well-deserved rest.

So Hitch wants to say,
very strongly and loud,
  you're the best type of crowd.

Indy and Len and Hitch and the gang,
will be back on the 5th,
to do books with a BANG!

In the meantime don't worry,
if you're in a hurry,
'cuz some poor guy got stuck
   sitting here like a duck.

Your emails we'll receive,
so no need to grieve.
We'll be a bit slow,
but we're raring to go.

Your books will be worked on,
your edits still made,
we're just resting a bit,
   before we all fade.

So please excuse the delays;
It won't be for days;
we'll jump on your queries,
   for your wondrous new series.

We waited for Santa,
'Cuz we love old St. Nick,
And sure 'nuff he came,
   It wasn't a trick.

And as he rode off,
into the night,
I could swear I heard Hitch yell,
   "That Edit's Not Right!"


We'll be back on the morning of January 5th; we'll be here parttime between now and then, thanks.