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Author: Albert Benoist
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Times are getting tough and we need solutions

Our present economic system is failing. The Vertical System gives us a theoretical look at a solution. The Horizontal System we are operating under encourages oscillation in values and general predatory position in relationships, being characteristically boom and bust. The Vertical System, as proposed is stable and predictable.

What needs to be fixed:
• Loss of value of money
• The cost for education
• Health insurance
• Pay for jobs that are now unpaid
• Cost for labor or service
• Restore value to money
• Inflation
• Cost of government
• Transactions

Solutions include the following
• Unlimited capital
• Restore value to money
• Make taxation unnecessary
• Revise function of insurance companies
• Eliminate Medical service cost
• Eliminate cost for education and improve quality
• Improve and protect environment
• Full employment
• Enhanced family life
• Unlimited support at no cost
• Very competitive with other systems

This book is an essential read for economists, government managers, politicians, students, accountants and anyone interested in a utopian future.

Date insert: Sunday, 27 November 2022

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