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Author: Lane Kirchner
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Twelve-year old Lucy Kirk discovers a creature named Lucky Louie, who lives beyond the crack in her bedroom ceiling. He takes Lucy into his benevolent kingdom and gives her magical orbs as souvenirs. An unscrupulous classmate named Carol steals the orbs. The theft and Carol's devilish use of the orbs unleashes a sinister force that sucks Lucy and her precocious sister Lindy through the same ceiling crack into the grisly realm of Tasan, where the diabolical Elzeeb reigns over a host of savage creatures.

Lucky Louie fears a breach between his kingdom and Elzeeb's dark domain. To prevent this calamity, he transforms Lucy's best friend, Martha, and her two pet tarantulas into disguised creatures who infiltrate Tasan to rescue Lucy, Lindy, and the magical orbs.

Date insert: Sunday, 09 May 2021

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