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Author: Anthony Serena
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Ten year old entrepreneur, Sean O’Casey, optimistic and anxious to conquer the world, witnesses the death of his young girl friend at the hands of her abusive uncle. Haunted by the experience, he does poorly in school, drifts into a marriage that collapses and his career as an FBI agent descends into such serious disarray that he decides to once-and-for-all exorcise the demons of his youth.

But a funny thing happens on the road to redemption; people around him start dying.

He returns to his birthplace in the hills of rural Pennsylvania to confront the pedophile who launched the downward spiral of his life. But when he has the uncle at bay, he must decide if he can deliberately take a human life or if he is, after all, an accidental assassin.

Date insert: Thursday, 18 April 2024