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Cover of The Savvy Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur Lee Pryor thinks starting a new business and successfully managing its growth is one of the.....

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Cover of The Scarlet Mansion

The Scarlet Mansion is the true story of one of the most heinous serial killers of all time. An eerie tale of love.....

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Cover of The Second Coming: Is 2016 The Year?

If you’ve ever wondered if there is a pattern to the timing of events in the Bible, this is the book for.....

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Cover of The Secondary

The Secondary is the story of Bert and Ellen Twitchell, their son, Robby and daughter Jennifer. It is also the.....

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Cover of The Secrets of Successful Inventors

John R. Hobbs learned success from having struggled for years and wasting tens of thousands of dollars on services.....

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Cover of The Sex Club

A pipe bomb explodes at a birth control clinic, then a young client turns up dead in a dumpster. Kera, the clinic.....

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Cover of The Slob's Handbook

How would you like to experience a long, healthy fun-filled existence by watching your diet and working out every.....

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Cover of The Smug Little Lady Bug

The Smug Little Lady Bug by Paul M Moffett. Children’s eBook great for ages 2-10. Copyrights.....

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Cover of The Song of Songs Novella

no•vel•la: a work of fiction intermediate in length and complexity between a short story and a novel.....

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Cover of The Spiritual Intrapreneur

Are you ready for a book that succinctly defines the path to higher consciousness, and what it truly means to.....

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Cover of The Starlight Prophecy

The Starlight Prophecy is an intricate, heartfelt, and engrossing saga of evil and innocence, a science fiction.....

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Cover of The Stranger in the Opera House

Emma Winberry is a supernumerary (extra) in the opera. A stranger is lurking in the opera house, but only a few.....

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Cover of The Suicide Effect

When Sula overhears a shocking revelation about a drug being developed by her employer, she’s paralyzed with.....

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Cover of The Summer of Cinder Red

TURKEY, 1941. Secretly backed by Berlin, a cadre of Turkish officers has planned a military coup to topple the.....

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Cover of The Sunset Boulevard Dialogues

Rich Hazzard receives an unusual invitation to tea, accompanied.....

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Cover of The Ultimate Guide to TT Metabolic Resistance Training

The Ultimate MRT Guide provides an in-depth review of one of todays most effective and efficient methods of.....

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Cover of The Undertaker

When Pete Talbott found himself at the wrong end of Gino Parini’s .45 reading his own obituary, it was a.....

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Cover of The Unnatural

The first victim, brutally assaulted, literally dies of fright in.....

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Cover of The Vertical System

Times are getting tough and we need solutions

Our present economic system is failing. The Vertical.....

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Cover of The Vision and Other Tales

Eight tales sure to give pause for thought…about whether the doors are locked, the windows are closed, the.....

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Phone Call Alert! 

(Please read, thanks.) 

Old Timey Switchboard Operator Cartoon


Due to the COVID-19 onslaught, we currently cannot take incoming phone calls.  

And since nobody reads anything, I've simply removed the phone number from the site.  

A notification about phone calls:  due to the COVID-19 plague, we've significantly increased our incoming inquiries--nearly double our usual volume--and the number of incoming inquiries by phone has been literally overwhelming.  Although most writers will say that their call "will only take 15 minutes," the truth is, that after 10 years of doing this, most author inquiry calls take an hour.  45 minutes at best. I'm currently receiving 7-10 calls/day, and due to that, I've had to stop accepting incoming phone calls, which my voicemail will tell you. You can leave a message--I can't call you back without one--and if a call is needed, I will of course call you.  But we have very complete and extensive email replies, handouts and our website is very informative. Almost all the questions that I receive during a call are actually already answered on our site, or are, in fact, publishing questions, not questions about our services, what we do, what we offer, or the like.  I already handle between 90-130 emails/day, as it is. I can't handle that many emails and take 7-10 hours of calls each day. I can't. So, in order to be able to answer this huge email volume, to help the greatest number of people, with my time, I've had to stop accepting calls.  I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. I'm in the process of setting up a call-appointment function, for free 15-minute calls to answer questions from new prospective customers and longer paid sessions for folks who generally want consulting on "publishing," generally (and for prospective kids' book publishers, as a special category of paid consulting).  But that functionality isn't yet set up. I hope to get that working the 3rd week of July, sometime.  

Thank you for your understanding.