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Cover of The Mental Game of Poker

The mental game may be more important in poker than in any other form of competition. It‛s one of the only.....

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Cover of The Millennium Mystery and Revelation Code Examined

When will the Rapture occur? Remember the predictions of the Rapture happening May 21, 2011? Remember this same.....

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Cover of The Moral Nuts

Seventy-three-year-old Axel Speeter spent his youth as a pro poker player, but these days he’s a taco vendor.....

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Cover of The Most Selfless Love

Hal Balance is a respectable man that has it all: a successful business, two beautiful kids, and a wife whom he.....

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Cover of The Muse Moves On: A Memoir

Incredible story of Rita Kallerhoff, German artist who immigrates to United States seeking destiny as a painter......

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Cover of The No Smoke Plan.

This is a how-to-quit smoking plan. Smoking is a nasty habit and not an easy one to quit. It's a 21-day plan.....

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Cover of The ONE

The One describes how a simple yet profound essential spirituality exists beneath the dogma and traditions of.....

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Cover of The Other Side of Midnight--The Fundamental Principle of Polarity

This book tells how the principle of polarity, when correctly understood, can transform our sense of conflict into.....

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Cover of The Other Side of the Ceiling

Twelve-year old Lucy Kirk discovers a creature named Lucky Louie, who lives beyond the crack in her bedroom.....

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Cover of The Parachutist's Daughter

Gabriella, a striking, thirty year old Austrian Holocaust survivor is the driving force behind a secret Jewish.....

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Cover of The Perfect Plan

Blade and Angel think they have the perfect plan for a bank heist, but things go terrible wrong after entering the.....

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Cover of The Power of BE!

The Power of BE! is a unique and powerful message on the “marriage” of spiritual principles and.....

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Cover of The Power of YES!

Renowned author, Joan Borysenko, Ph.

D., shares:

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Cover of The Providence of Death

Joe McKibben, a retired chief of detectives, and now the owner of a historical research business is wrestling with.....

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Cover of The Psychoneurotic Vampire

A young commercial artist, fearing he may have been responsible.....

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Cover of The Red Encounter

One Russian. One American. Trapped in a deadly global game of espionage and murder. At stake are the specs of.....

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Cover of The Red, White and Blue Kitty

Expert tattoo artist Alfonse gets a most unusual request.

Mature audiences only. Erotic theme. An.....

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Cover of The River's Bend

The Rivers Bend is the journey of a small town Wisconsin girl who reads her way through her bedridden childhood.....

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Cover of The River: An Allegorical Tale of Becoming

“The River” is an allegory about a man struggling to find meaning and self-worth. Along the way he.....

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Cover of The Sarah Palin Rogue Revolution Taking America By Storm

- unveils her possible choice for a running mate and.....

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