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Want to see some of our work?  Make sure that you're getting "the right stuff?" We have nothing to hide!  Check out just some of the now-3,000 eBooks that we've converted, formatted for eBooks and Kindle and laid-out for print.  You can also see some of our Samples in the Samples Showcase, or visit our FEEFO Testimonials and Rankings.   Have questions? Call us in the US at 1-623-239-1660 or drop us an email via the Contact page.  


Cover of How to Buy and Manage Your First Rental Property

A step by step guide for the novice investor to buy and manage their first rental property.

From my.....

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Cover of How to Have a Stress Free Mortgage

If you are looking to purchase a home or refinance an existing one, this is the book you have to read before doing.....

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Cover of How to Live Forever

The entirely imaginary adventures of young David Black, Family.....

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Cover of How to Speak American: Building Brands in the New Heartland

As I participate in brand strategy sessions, review consumer behavior data and observe hundreds of branding.....

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Cover of How To Spot Lies Like the FBI

Former FBI agent reveals proven tips and techniques for spotting lies by observing body language, facial.....

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Cover of How To Unleash Your Dog's Locked-Up Learning Power

My method of training and controlling your companion is easy for you and puts the responsibility of learning to.....

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Cover of Hypnotherapy for Therapists

This book would be of interest to hypnotherapists, social workers, marriage- family therapists, investigators and.....

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