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Want to see some of our work?  Make sure that you're getting "the right stuff?" We have nothing to hide!  Check out just some of the now-3,000 eBooks that we've converted, formatted for eBooks and Kindle and laid-out for print.  You can also see some of our Samples in the Samples Showcase, or visit our FEEFO Testimonials and Rankings.   Have questions? Call us in the US at 1-623-239-1660 or drop us an email via the Contact page.  


Cover of Discovery in the Desert

David Hart is a young, bright NASA physicist who is chosen to join a team of other

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Cover of Do Ants Have 401K?

A brief philosophical inquiry into who we are, via how we see the world around us; ultimately leading what our.....

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Cover of Dog Star Bender

More than a hundred years ago a series of murders committed by a family who called themselves the Benders took.....

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Cover of Don't Feed the Bully

Don’t Feed the Bully is a fictional detective story aimed at boys 10-14, although, anyone who can read will.....

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Cover of Don't Look Back, We're Not Going That Way

“How I overcame a rocky childhood, a nervous breakdown, breast cancer, widowhood, fat, fire and menopausal.....

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Cover of Don't You Know There's A War On?

December 7, 1941 brought about a cataclysmic change to America. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor catapulted the.....

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Cover of Double Feature

In this second installment of Terence Stamp's captivating memoirs, Stamp takes us right into the heart of the.....

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Cover of Down Among The Dead Men

When beautiful Barbara Longman is found dead in a meadow, uprooted wild flowers strewn about her and, in her hand,.....

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Cover of Dr. Kuhns' Alternative Medicine Technique

Dr. Kuhns’ Alternative Medicine Techniques will provide the practitioner with specific breathing and.....

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Cover of Dragon God of the Hindu Kush

An errant parachute jump during a search for a lost American biological bomb lands Marine lieutenant Jack.....

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Cover of Dragon God of the Hindu Kush: The Return

Serving a twenty year prison sentence at Fort Leavenworth, former Marine officer Jack Flashhardt and his brother.....

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Cover of Drawing Dead

In Drawing Dead, Pete Hautman's high-velocity fiction debut, all hell breaks loose. The central scam in this.....

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Cover of Dream Thief

Epic science fiction about alien intervention in human civilization, in which a sleep researcher on an orbiting.....

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Cover of Drowning in Christmas

No. 4 in the Kate Lawrence Mystery Series. When a mysterious death occurs at Hartford’s venerable Wadsworth.....

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Cover of Dying for Justice

When Gina wakes up from a two-year coma, she realizes someone tried to kill her and make it look like suicide......

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Cover of Dying for Triplicate

My world changed forever upon receiving my first prescription for.....

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Cover of Dying for You

Increasingly conscious of his lonely state, Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty signed up with the Made in Heaven.....

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