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Want to see some of our work?  Make sure that you're getting "the right stuff?" We have nothing to hide!  Check out just some of the now-3,000 eBooks that we've converted, formatted for eBooks and Kindle and laid-out for print.  You can also see some of our Samples in the Samples Showcase, or visit our FEEFO Testimonials and Rankings.   Have questions? Call us in the US at 1-623-239-1660 or drop us an email via the Contact page.  


Cover of Alone

There are no rules in murder. Some kill for love, some for hate, some for sport, and some from fear. People in law.....

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Cover of Along the Fortune Trail

From the time Sammy Winds pulled on his first pair of spurs, he understood the difficulties of living in the new.....

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Cover of American Monotheism: Contemporary Essays on God, Reason, America and Science

American Monotheism consists of 13 provocative essays concerning religion in the contemporary world. Seven of the.....

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Cover of An Easy Approach to Interrogation

This book is filled with Doctor Kuhns' successful interview/interrogation approaches, his techniques and.....

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Cover of An Illustrated Guide to Soccer and Spanish

An illustrated introduction to essential Spanish terms for playing and watching.....

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Cover of An Intimate Ghost

Restaurateur Jane Lawless is thrilled to be catering the wedding of some family friends, Nick and Lauren Clifford,.....

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Cover of An Unspeakable Mission

When a vicious alcoholic dies in a suspicious house fire, Rev. Olympia Brown and Father Jim Sawicki stretch the.....

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Cover of Angels and Manners

Working-class single mother Carrie Angel is raising her two teenaged sons in Section 8 housing while she finishes.....

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Cover of Are the Medjugorje Apparitions Authentic?

Reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the little village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, have.....

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Cover of Arrogant Atheists and Fundamentalist Fools

Author and paleontologist George Bishop complains about and analyzes what motivates atheists, religious.....

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Cover of As The Table Turns

Dixie Stuart, Queen of the Southern Romance novel is forty-two, divorced, living in Manhattan, overweight, and the.....

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Cover of Aspiration Control: The rape of liberty

Aspiration Control: the rape of liberty is – a tale of hope and will, overcoming adversity – a modern.....

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Cover of Autograph Hell

This book is for everyone who has or will trust in the autograph business whose treasured prize is possibly the.....

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Cover of AVANT L' AUBE Pens

“Tu mènes une vie solitaire…” Ces 28 lectures séquentielles peuvent être le.....

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Cover of Awake!

Awake! challenges you to emerge from the complacency and illusion of conventional existence by exploring your.....

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