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Author: Susan P. Mucha
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Murder by mistaken identity, and a single clue from a long ago soccer tragedy, lead Dr. Luis Echevarria and freelance reporter Elia Christie from Augusta to Lima, Peru, in this nail-biting thriller.
In Peru, the body count climbs as Luis’s friend Oscar turns up dead. Coincidentally – or not – he and Luis were medical residents on duty following the deadly soccer stadium stampede.
From the beautiful, tradition-rich environs of Peru, Luis and Elia are drawn into the dark, deadly depths of the international drug trade and archaeological looting. Unsure of whom they can trust, the pair grow close as their search for the truth escalates into a pulse-pounding race for survival.
Deadly Deception is one thrilling ride – from unexpected bloodshed o the pristine greens of Augusta National to a deadly game of cat and mouse through the claustrophobic catacombs beneath a Peruvian church. In this, her debut novel, Susan Mucha paints a vivid picture of both southern and Peruvian cultures within a taut, twisting tale of power, greed and murder.

Date insert: Monday, 17 May 2021

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