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Cover of Bone Blind

An unsolved twenty-year-old murder attracts the attention of Finn Ryan, a horror novelist with a guilty secret,.....

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Cover of Bones of the Past: Arhel Book 2

A ragtag band of outcast children lead Faia Rissedote, Medwind Song, and a group of wizard researchers in search.....

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Cover of Boosting Your Baby's Brain Power

A newborn baby's brain is quite phenomenal, with over 100 billion neurons that would stretch more than 60,000.....

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Cover of Boot Camp: Equipping Men with Integrity for Spiritual Warfare

Boot Camp. Where a soldier learns the basics. Where he is equipped for the battles ahead. Boot Camp is where he.....

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Cover of Bread From Bethlehem

Bread from Bethlehem is a devotional commentary on the book of Ruth. There are 331 pages of devotional readings.....

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Cover of Bronoff's Rules

Class warfare at its funniest! Just released from a federal prison to do his community service teaching English to.....

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Cover of Brown Ears

A toy rabbit becomes separated from his young owner and has many adventures from which he learns a great deal.....

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Cover of Brown Ears At Sea

BROWN EARS: The Adventures of a Lost and Found Rabbit

A toy rabbit becomes separated from his young owner.....

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Cover of Brute Heart

A small-town veterinarian is faced with the ultimate dilemma when her father contracts terminal cancer and insists.....

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Cover of Buck Fever

Blanco County, Texas: It's the week before deer-hunting season and the locals are getting restless. Game.....

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Cover of Business Basics

Whether you are an entrepreneur with an idea or a leader of an established company, you need to understand.....

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Cover of Buster's Law

Running an animal shelter is hell, but Lucy knew that coming in. Dealing with the constant stream of homeless.....

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Cover of Butterfly


A dazzling young mother of two who became a corrections officer for the State of.....

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Cover of Butterfly Eyes

When Astor Cartwright receives a phone call from her mother, the last thing she expects to hear is that her.....

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Cover of Captured

Captured… Nominated for two RITA awards. Devon Blake’s quick wits and good luck helped her survive on.....

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Cover of Car Dealer Hell

Be armed and ready the next time you buy a car. Car Dealer Hell is a complete car.....

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Cover of Casco

The coming of age story of two young stepbrothers who spend their delightful summers on the coast of Maine. As.....

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Cover of Cat Rising

CAT RISING is the richly drawn tale of one woman’s quest.....

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Cover of Celebrate the Older You: Becoming A Wiser, Warmer, Mature Woman

As we journey through our fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond, we are discovering that life is filled with new.....

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Cover of Chain of Souls

It’s the first year of India’s independence from England. The creation of two nations, India for the.....

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Cover of Chances

The book that made Jackie Collins one of America’s favorite authors sweeps you from the sophisticated.....

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Cover of Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life is based on the premise that there is a purpose to our lives. That purpose is.....

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Cover of Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows… By a trick of fate, gambler Jake Moran finds himself volunteering to escort the notorious.....

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Cover of Child of Silence

When an old Paiute woman finds a four-year-old boy tied to a mattress in an abandoned mountain shack, San Diego.....

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Cover of Child-Sensitive Teaching

More than a study of methods, Child-Sensitive Teaching focuses on the “child's-eye view” of the.....

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Cover of Children of Shadows

Artistically gifted Cooper Hamilton abandons a lucrative but demanding advertising career and returns to his.....

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Cover of Chop Suey

This action thriller, by Ty Hutchinson, will take you into the mind of Darby Stansfield, telecommunications.....

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Cover of Chosen to War

Throughout time, God has contacted people, whether they were believers in Him or not, through their dreams. He.....

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Cover of Church Planting Movements

David Garrison’s groundbreaking book, Church Planting Movements, is a modern-day classic in Christian.....

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Cover of City of Woe

Paul Farrington, a veteran fixer for a shady corporation, finds himself targeted for elimination just as he is.....

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Cover of Close Your Mouth: Buteyko Breathing Clinic Self Help Manual

Close Your Mouth is a self help book containing simple and easy to apply Buteyko breathing exercises and lifestyle.....

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Cover of Closet

It began with a brutal attack in a posh Minneapolis neighborhood. And from the first killing to the next, Todd.....

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Cover of Code Red Iran

Iran is poised. Her nuclear capabilities almost ready. A small team of former Israeli paras are called out of.....

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Cover of Cold War Warriors

An historical novel of Cold War years 1961–1962. Principal.....

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Cover of Coming In To Land

At the age of 95, Bill Malins still remembers growing up on an Oxfordshire farm in the 1920s, where he would help.....

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Cover of Common Justice

Raised in poverty in a small tobacco-farming town, black Vietnam veteran, Ezekiel Brown, highly decorated for.....

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Cover of Concrete Pillow

Young Luke Lindstrom was an all-star high school basketball player. So were his brothers. But something strange.....

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Cover of Conscious Living

Have you ever wondered why you were here, on earth, at this.....

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Cover of Continuum: A collection of poetry

This collection was inspired by the timeline documenting the lives of three beings:

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Cover of Couch Potato

Take a hike! Hiking for the Couch Potato: A Guide for the Exercise-Challenged relishes its role as motivator and.....

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Cover of Crash Course! 15 Key Lessons to Overcome Anxiety and Crisis

Crash Course, provides advice for crisis management, anxiety control by listing 15 key lessons learned by a heart.....

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Cover of Crashed

Crashed, the new series from the author of the Simeon Grist Mysteries and the Poke Rafferty Bangkok Thrillers,.....

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Cover of Crime Pays? I

Part 1 of an urban fiction book series based on Manny Black

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Cover of Crime Pays? II Unfinished Business

Part 2 of an urban fiction book series based on Manny Black

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Cover of Dahlia's Bouquet

From the beginning the chain was broken… Dahlia’s Bouquet is about the secrets that tear a family.....

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Cover of Dance on the Head of a Pin

Do angels have two legs, or four?

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Cover of Dante's Cure

The true story of Catherine Penney, a young woman who recovered from schizophrenia through psychotherapy alone,.....

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Cover of Dead Ballast

PI Lucy Clewes stumbles into a secret war raging in the back streets and shadows of London. To buy time she hires.....

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Cover of Dead Before Morning

A brilliant crime fiction debut, which introduces a sparky new double act in Inspector Joseph Rafferty and.....

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Cover of Deadfall in Berlin

Thirty years after his mother's murder in war-torn Berlin, Will, a Chicago actor, explores via hypnosis what.....

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T'was the Night Before Christmas... 

 (With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, may he forgive my doggerel...)

...and all through the shop,
all we minions were working,
   until ready to drop.

The ebooks were flying,
the covers were spare,
The edits were crazy,
   with "one more thing I must share!"

We waited for Santa,
'Cuz we love old Saint Nick,
But Hitch made us work,
   Waving 'round an old stick!

So slave we all did,
And made all your books,
So that Hitch would say now,
   that we're off the hook.

Come today we're off,
to rest up our fingers,
Our hats we will doff,
   No books they do linger.

But we'll all be back,
Don't give it a thought,
for like all wage slaves,
   we're easily bought.

We'll be back on the fifth,
all eager and fresh,
All ready for you,
   after a well-deserved rest.

So Hitch wants to say,
very strongly and loud,
  you're the best type of crowd.

Indy and Len and Hitch and the gang,
will be back on the 5th,
to do books with a BANG!

In the meantime don't worry,
if you're in a hurry,
'cuz some poor guy got stuck
   sitting here like a duck.

Your emails we'll receive,
so no need to grieve.
We'll be a bit slow,
but we're raring to go.

Your books will be worked on,
your edits still made,
we're just resting a bit,
   before we all fade.

So please excuse the delays;
It won't be for days;
we'll jump on your queries,
   for your wondrous new series.

We waited for Santa,
'Cuz we love old St. Nick,
And sure 'nuff he came,
   It wasn't a trick.

And as he rode off,
into the night,
I could swear I heard Hitch yell,
   "That Edit's Not Right!"


We'll be back on the morning of January 5th; we'll be here parttime between now and then, thanks.