Don Treichler

A former Marine Corps fighter pilot who flew the F8U-2 Crusader fighter during the Cold War era. Also an airline Captain, having flown worldwide, and the former Director of the Airline Division of the country's largest private sector labor union. A graduate of the Army War College, he has a Ph.D. and travels widely. He is married with two sons and lives in Roseville, CA.
 Don Treichler

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Phone Call Service Back in Service! 

(Please read, thanks; updated 11-28-2022.

Old Timey Switchboard Operator Cartoon


YUP ladies and gents, phone service is back in service and we are good to go.

During Covd, we had no choice but to stop accepting phone calls.  Now, we can lift that ban and return to our usual service.

Thank you for your understanding.