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Author: Linden Morningstar
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The Starlight Prophecy is an intricate, heartfelt, and engrossing saga of evil and innocence, a science fiction classic of an intrepid band of Stargirls whose passionate intellect, fiery nature, and adventurous hearts collide with an alien prophecy that thrusts them on a perilous journey to an inconceivable truth and destiny. One horrific and deadly thing stands between the Stargirls and Starlight destiny. Lord God Aagaatar the self-proclaimed god of the bloodthirsty Aagaa Zaagon. He plans to enslave the Stargirls to serve a higher purpose. His Final Solution to annihilate the Star people and rule the universe, but the critical conflict lies deeper in the Stargirls hearts and minds. Whether they can endure terror and torture and fulfill their formidable and astounding destiny. The consequences of failure are unimaginable and cataclysmic. Earth and their lives are in the balance while their fate uncertain. Their human frailty and defiant spirits make you want to laugh and cry, and cheer them on to the climactic end.

Date insert: Thursday, 23 May 2024