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Author: Ferrell Kane
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The Secondary is the story of Bert and Ellen Twitchell, their son, Robby and daughter Jennifer. It is also the story of Robby's secondary, authorized by Bert to be put in place when it appeared that the infant Robby would die of medical complications. When Robby dies in a tragic accident of teen-age bravado, Bert and Ellen, aching to have their lost son back again, are faced with the daunting question of whether they dare to bring the long forgotten secondary into their home. And what is a secondary? A clone, right? No, absolutely not a clone. But...

Date insert: Tuesday, 06 June 2023

Phone Call Service Back in Service! 

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Old Timey Switchboard Operator Cartoon


YUP ladies and gents, phone service is back in service and we are good to go.

During Covd, we had no choice but to stop accepting phone calls.  Now, we can lift that ban and return to our usual service.

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