Rod Terry

Rod Terry is the author of three books: Brother's Keeper: Words of Inspiration for African-American Men (Peter Pauper Press, 1996); One Million Strong (Duncan & Duncan, 1996) (Recipient of the 1997 New York Public Library System award for best book); and Kwanzaa: The Seven Principles (Peter Pauper Press, 1997). He is also a contributing editor in Wisdom for the Soul of Black Folk (Gnosophia Publishing, 2007). Currently, he is employed by the American Bar Association as Associate Director of the Council on Legal Education Opportunity. He is a graduate of Howard University School of Law, Washington, D. C. and Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas. He lives in Washington, D.C.
 Rod Terry

Holiday Closing Alert! Memorial Day, 2021   

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As amazing as it is, this year, for the first time ever,  we're going to be closed for Memorial Day!

That means we're going to be closed, Saturday-Monday May 29th-31st,  2021.

I know what you're thinking--what???  The whole country's just opening up!  Whaddya mean, you're taking off?  Well, we haven't been closed during The Plague.  We've been here working harder than ever, due to a wildly increased demand for our services, so honestly, the Crew and I desperately need these days away.  No telephone calls or emails will be answered.  The admin office needs a break.  We'll be back, everything to the ready, the morning of Tuesday, June 1st, to get cracking.  Thank you for your support and understanding.  And please, don't forget why we honor Memorial Day.  We should never--never--forget The Fallen.  

For those of you already in production, the production crew is running full steam; Judith (QA--Quality assurance, our Princess of Perfection) and Hakima in QA, and Jay (Our Doyenne of Customer Delight) will be here and working, checking books and sending them out, so please, don't worry.  It's just we lazybones in the admin office that need a break!