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Author: Thomas Gordon
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Dr. Gordon addresses a major concern of both parents and teachers-disciplining children. He describes why traditional discipline doesn't work either at home or in the classroom. Drawing on published research findings as well as his own experience as a clinical psychologist, he makes a strong case against punitive, power-based methods of discipline which only cause new problems — from rebellion to depression. He also makes a strong case against permissiveness. As an alternative to being either strict or lenient, Dr. Gordon offers a workable, proven third approach that results in solutions and agreements that meet the needs of both adults and children. As a result, children learn to be self-disciplined, responsible, cooperative and considerate of others. They also enjoy higher self-esteem which is essential to positive mental health and academic achievement. Parents and teachers who are frustrated by the failure of “dare to discipline” and “tough love” style approaches will welcome Dr. Gordon's arguments and embrace the alternative he describes.

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