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Author: Mark Bouton
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Former FBI agent reveals proven tips and techniques for spotting lies by observing body language, facial expressions, and verbal clues. Learn to identify con men, cheats, and swindlers. Don't be taken in by fraudulent repairmen and salesmen. Learn to protect your money, heart, and sanity by identifying truth from lies.

Date insert: Sunday, 03 March 2024

Meowy Christmas!

Christmas 2024!

Yup, it's Christmas 2024!

See you again on January 3rd! Admin is closed until then!

Seriously--we "mostly" close from December 24th-ish until the middle of the week, first week of January. Production is still steaming along, but admin takes a desperately-needed break for ~10 days. We'll answer any emails that seem in dire straights, but generally speaking, we're mostly gone for that period of time.  See ya when we return!--Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!