Tammara Aguado

TAMMARA AGUADO is the author of the fiction novel Dahlia's Bouquet. She was a Realtor for ten years, but has written most of her life. In-between showings, closings, and waiting outside of homes for clients, the women of Dahlia's Bouquet unfolded on a folder, on a napkin-on anything she could get her hands on. She lives in Illinois with her amazingly supportive husband. When not at her desk, she's entertaining friends, gardening, or chatting it up with her husband. She is still adjusting to becoming an "empty nester" as her two daughters attend university this fall. This is her debut novel. Inspiration for Dahlia's Bouquet "Life, love, history, and of course family. Ours is quite diverse, in fact, our reunions look like a Rainbow Coalition rally. Growing up with such a variety of races gives me a quirky, optimistic view of the world."

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From the beginning the chain was broken… Dahlia’s Bouquet is about the secrets that tear a family.....

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