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Cover of Deadly Deception

Murder by mistaken identity, and a single clue from a long ago soccer tragedy, lead Dr. Luis Echevarria and.....

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Cover of Death by Invitation

This is a modern day crime novel set in England. Police search for killer of teenage girl in a village where, two.....

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Cover of Death Line

Jasper Moon, internationally renowned 'seer to the.....

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Cover of Death Trance

With the help of his sister, Maddy, a forensic psychiatrist, Alex attempts to find the killer of the woman he.....

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Cover of Deep in the Cut

Siskal Bonifante, a Mexican/American immigration lawyer in Washington DC finds himself in over his head when he.....

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Cover of Delightful Asian Infatuation

For decades, Hans Meier has visited Southeast Asia – from Thailand to Vietnam, from Cambodia to Indonesia,.....

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Cover of Demonology: Unveiled

Hannah Markham was different. She had always known that. But when she rescued a stranger that she found stabbed.....

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Cover of Der Tagebuch

When a 45 year old car containing skeletal remains was pulled from a lake near Hadley, West Virginia, it changed.....

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Cover of Detecting The Scam: Nelson Mandela's Gift

Author Michael Friedlander offers an intriguing and distinctive perspective on recent high-profile scams by.....

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Cover of Detour to Murder

In 1945, the semi-nude body of a woman is found in a two-bit Hollywood motel, a telephone cord wrapped around her.....

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Cover of Dia a Dia con el Senor

Día a día con el Señor significa en estos días una impresión del.....

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Cover of Diagnosis + 6 Days

Yet another cancer diary, only this time the author dies midway. Kidding... I survived cancer. Actually,.....

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Cover of Die Before Your Time

You’ll be traveling to idyllic Bermuda, tranquil Kiawah Island, historical Cape Cod, hectic New York City,.....

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Cover of Die haben ihre Methoden -- wir die unseren, Mr. Stringer

Margaret Rutherford wurde 1892 geboren und schon früh stand für sie fest: “Ich will Schauspielerin.....

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Cover of Discovery in the Desert

David Hart is a young, bright NASA physicist who is chosen to join a team of other

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Cover of Do Ants Have 401K?

A brief philosophical inquiry into who we are, via how we see the world around us; ultimately leading what our.....

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Cover of Dog Star Bender

More than a hundred years ago a series of murders committed by a family who called themselves the Benders took.....

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Cover of Don't Feed the Bully

Don’t Feed the Bully is a fictional detective story aimed at boys 10-14, although, anyone who can read will.....

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Cover of Don't Look Back, We're Not Going That Way

“How I overcame a rocky childhood, a nervous breakdown, breast cancer, widowhood, fat, fire and menopausal.....

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Cover of Don't You Know There's A War On?

December 7, 1941 brought about a cataclysmic change to America. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor catapulted the.....

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Cover of Double Feature

In this second installment of Terence Stamp's captivating memoirs, Stamp takes us right into the heart of the.....

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Cover of Down Among The Dead Men

When beautiful Barbara Longman is found dead in a meadow, uprooted wild flowers strewn about her and, in her hand,.....

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Cover of Dr. Kuhns' Alternative Medicine Technique

Dr. Kuhns’ Alternative Medicine Techniques will provide the practitioner with specific breathing and.....

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Cover of Dragon God of the Hindu Kush

An errant parachute jump during a search for a lost American biological bomb lands Marine lieutenant Jack.....

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Cover of Dragon God of the Hindu Kush: The Return

Serving a twenty year prison sentence at Fort Leavenworth, former Marine officer Jack Flashhardt and his brother.....

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Cover of Drawing Dead

In Drawing Dead, Pete Hautman's high-velocity fiction debut, all hell breaks loose. The central scam in this.....

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Cover of Dream Thief

Epic science fiction about alien intervention in human civilization, in which a sleep researcher on an orbiting.....

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Cover of Drowning in Christmas

No. 4 in the Kate Lawrence Mystery Series. When a mysterious death occurs at Hartford’s venerable Wadsworth.....

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Cover of Dying for Justice

When Gina wakes up from a two-year coma, she realizes someone tried to kill her and make it look like suicide......

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Cover of Dying for Triplicate

My world changed forever upon receiving my first prescription for.....

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Cover of Dying for You

Increasingly conscious of his lonely state, Detective Inspector Joe Rafferty signed up with the Made in Heaven.....

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Cover of E$caping Oz

Escaping Oz presents a fundamental description of our journey to these problems and what you can do to deal with.....

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Cover of Eddy's Current

Eddy’s Current is an explosive, character–driven thriller that dares to explore the possibility that.....

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Cover of Eikon

Eikon… the story of a lost miracle… In the final days of World War II, works of art and artifacts.....

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Cover of El asma en un minuto

This easy-to-read guide will help people with asthma stay out of the emergency room, out of the hospital and as.....

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Cover of El origen perdido

Una extraña enfermedad que ha dejado a su hermano en estado vegetativo lleva al hacker y empresario.....

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Cover of El Salon de Ambar

Art, thieves, and intrigue all combine in this historical novel. During World War II, the Nazi army looted ancient.....

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Cover of El ultimo caton

Una monja pale÷grafa que trabaja en el Archivo Secreto del Vaticano, un arque÷logo de.....

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Cover of Embracing the Feminine Nature of the Divine

Does it interest you that humanity is on an expedition, involved in a search for the next phase of growth in.....

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Cover of Empyrion I: The Search for Fierra

Traveller, debt-dodger, itinerant critic, and writer of history.....

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Cover of Empyrion II: The Siege of Dome

Traveller, debt-dodger, itinerant critic, and writer of history.....

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Cover of Equilibrium

Equilibrium is political thriller based upon current fact, in which the US is suffering from a weak president,.....

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Cover of Erin's Wish

Erin’s fifth birthday is a very special event! But will her surprise birthday wish come true? Discover the.....

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Cover of Ethics in Motion

The federal government has enhanced efforts to prosecute white-collar crimes. Despite the heavy penalties.....

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Cover of Everything But The Squeal

Simeon Grist is a private eye and Los Angeles is his city. It’s Raymond Chandler country, especially the.....

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Cover of Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Boy Scouts

Former Scout Richard Bennett chronicles the history and stories of BSA Troop 826, a ragtag collection of.....

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Cover of Everything Under the Sky

Elvira, a Spanish painter based in Paris, receives news that her husband has died in his house in Shanghai......

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Cover of Everytown USA: From Main Street to the Front Lines

Thousands of our aging war veterans pass with each new day. So too, their stories vanish—firsthand history.....

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Cover of Fallen Leaves

Beautiful Grace DeLong Wilber had never met her famous father, the US Ambassador to Japan. He had died of typhoid.....

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Cover of Fancypants: An Autobiographical Novel

Fancypants is part memoir, part novel. It's one Jewish boy's attempt at coming of age in a time period.....

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T'was the Night Before Christmas... 

 (With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, may he forgive my doggerel...)

...and all through the shop,
all we minions were working,
   until ready to drop.

The ebooks were flying,
the covers were spare,
The edits were crazy,
   with "one more thing I must share!"

We waited for Santa,
'Cuz we love old Saint Nick,
But Hitch made us work,
   Waving 'round an old stick!

So slave we all did,
And made all your books,
So that Hitch would say now,
   that we're off the hook.

Come today we're off,
to rest up our fingers,
Our hats we will doff,
   No books they do linger.

But we'll all be back,
Don't give it a thought,
for like all wage slaves,
   we're easily bought.

We'll be back on the fifth,
all eager and fresh,
All ready for you,
   after a well-deserved rest.

So Hitch wants to say,
very strongly and loud,
  you're the best type of crowd.

Indy and Len and Hitch and the gang,
will be back on the 5th,
to do books with a BANG!

In the meantime don't worry,
if you're in a hurry,
'cuz some poor guy got stuck
   sitting here like a duck.

Your emails we'll receive,
so no need to grieve.
We'll be a bit slow,
but we're raring to go.

Your books will be worked on,
your edits still made,
we're just resting a bit,
   before we all fade.

So please excuse the delays;
It won't be for days;
we'll jump on your queries,
   for your wondrous new series.

We waited for Santa,
'Cuz we love old St. Nick,
And sure 'nuff he came,
   It wasn't a trick.

And as he rode off,
into the night,
I could swear I heard Hitch yell,
   "That Edit's Not Right!"


We'll be back on the morning of January 5th; we'll be here parttime between now and then, thanks.