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I can't speak highly enough about this company and the extraordinary level of skill, service, and professionalism they provide. The communication was top-notch throughout the process of putting my book together. I always had emails returned promptly, and with clear, patient instructions to help me understand the techie side of things (definitely not my strong point). I had published three books previously with CreateSpace, and was at a bit of a loss when Amazon shut down that side of their operation.

I felt their pricing structure was very reasonable, and their turnaround time on edits was lightning fast. Overall, I ended up saving both time and money working with Booknook over my three previous experiences (all of which were very good) with CreateSpace. I've already scheduled my next project with this company and have recommended them to several close friends working on book projects too. Booknook takes care of all those important techie details that keep so many writers, unfortunately, from finishing up their books and getting them out there into the marketplace.

Give Booknook a try and get ready to get wowed.
Submitted on 18-Sep-2019


I feel covers sell books and they did an excellent job. Every one was very pleasant to work with and tolerated my impatience at times. I had prepaid another self publishing company and dropped them and I am glad I did. If I write another book it will be with Booknook
Submitted on 13-Sep-2019


They are the best. Hitch, Jayzel, and everyone there are friendly, creative, encouraging, and endlessly patient with someone who knew nothing. I had previously published with six different publishers, but never on Kindle.No company could have been better. I will go to them for my next book.
Submitted on 12-Sep-2019


Where to begin in providing a testimonial of this dynamic team?
First of all, folks, these guys ARE the experts when it comes to interior book design and self-publishing. If you’re unsure, just visit the KDP Community Forum, and you will find that Booknook’s fearless leader, Kimberly Hitchens (fondly referred to as Hitch) has invested countless hours in providing extremely helpful feedback to many authors' questions.
From my initial query about Booknook.biz, and throughout my copious amount of emails of questions, concerns, edits and revisions, Hitch always provided timely replies, making the process enjoyable through her quick wit and upbeat responses. As all self-publishers know, the entire procedure is extremely time consuming and tedious, yet I never felt that I was a bother to them, but rather, they treated my project as if it were the most important book they had ever worked on.
Their instruction pages were clear, detailed, and well organized. Their patience seems unlimited (including that of Jayzel, “the Doyenne of Customer Delight”. I have a collection of several pages of emails from Hitch and Jayzel covering the span of time they were helping me. So if you’re looking for “the personal touch,” these are the go-to guys.
Lastly, I found that beyond all the personal attention, their fees were extremely reasonable. If they’re getting rich, it would have to be on sheer volume of clients, as individually, they certainly couldn’t have made much profit on my project considering all the time they invested in me.
I honestly believe that anyone who happens upon this fab team of book designers and signs up for their help will be as astounded as I am! I’m certainly glad that I chose Booknook.biz over my other considerations. Nobody could have done better.
Submitted on 11-Sep-2019


They are fast, with a lots of details and steps.

Submitted on 11-Sep-2019


They guided me through a new to me process, with skill and a friendly hand. Very
Submitted on 10-Sep-2019


Excellent service. High quality and quick turnaround. Very informative instructions on how to go through the entire process.
Submitted on 10-Sep-2019


I couldn’t recommend Booknook.biz more highly. Got a manuscript you privately think is worth publishing? Know how to do that? Yeah, me, too. I stumbled across Booknook.biz, and Hitch and the gang there held my hand and led me along despite every mistake I made - and I think I made all of them. They cannot make your manuscript any better than it is, but they can and will turn it into a book. 5 stars - more, if that were an available choice.
Submitted on 18-Jun-2019


When choosing surgeons and plumbers, you don't go to the lowest bidder. Booknook.biz was easy to work with; they have great expertise and communication skills, and they provide excellent value to authors who are trying to present their creative output in a professional and artistic format. When, inevitably, you hit some bumps in the road, they are supportive and will keep you on track. They are a valued partner in getting your book out there in this mostly post publishing house world.
Submitted on 13-Apr-2019


If you want an eBook laid out perfectly and mistake free the obvious choice is Booknook.biz. They were professional, quick to respond, and provided helpful advice along the way. Kimberly, aka "Hitch" and her team are world class.
Submitted on 22-Oct-2018


Outstanding service and perfect results, and so so helpful. I was worried when I heard of the demise of Create Space but Booknook knows their stuff!
Submitted on 12-Oct-2018

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