Helen Macie Osterman

Helen Osterman is a retired nurse with five children and nine grandchildren. She is the author of the Emma Winberry cozy mystery series. She is also the author of Notes in a Mirror, a paranormal/ historical and Song of the Rails, a Love Story. Helen is an accomplished artist. Four of her paintings of old Maxwell Street in Chicago are in the collection of the Chicago History Museum.
 Helen Macie Osterman

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Remember our Fallen

Memorial Day, originally called "Decoration Day" was created
to honor those who have been slain in defense of the US.

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As many of our returning customers know, we close on the holidays to recharge our batteries, as we're normally open 6/days/week.  As a former servicemember, I feel strongly that Memorial Day should be observed--and remembered.  

We'll be closed, administratively, from 5:00 p.m, the night of May 24th 2019 through the morning of May 28th 2019.  Production will be full-tilt boogie while the office is closed, but in Admin, phones will not be answered and emails will only receive auto-replies until we're back on our regular schedule. Books that are in production will be shipped, fear not.  

Thanks, and have a happy and safe--and memorable--Memorial Day.
(image courtesy of William Zhang, Unsplash)