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Author: William F. Messinger
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Why another book on addiction? There are many books about intervention, treatment, and personal stories, but none on what is proven to work for successful recovery. Physicians and pilots have very high first time recovery rates – the only groups that do so.

This book describes how to use the concepts underlying these two programs to improve recovery rates for other addicts and alcoholics.

•The fundamental idea is for the family to exert leverage on their loved one to remain in treatment and follow post-treatment recommendations, just as medical boards do for physicians and airlines do for pilots.

The goal is to maintain external pressure until the addict can internalize the desire to recover.

Parents, in particular, play an important role in supporting the recovery process as “positive enablers” – a new and important concept in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Leverage First is a guide for families on implementing this new concept, based on over ten years experience using the pilot/physician model with out client families.

Three Facts to Know
•The most common outcome of treatment is relapse.
•Addiction is the only area of medicine where physicians receive different (and better) treatment than the general population.
•It takes much longer than 28 days to recover from addiction.
Learn how the programs for pilots and physicians are successful – achieving proven success rates in excess of 90% two years after treatment.

Leverage First is the initial mini-e-book on recovery from addiction, using the medical board and airline programs as models for other groups.

Date insert: Tuesday, 10 December 2019

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