Judith K. Ivie

No matter what other work I happened to be doing, I have always been a writer. A lifelong Connecticut resident (except for my flower child period, when I lived in California), I have directed public relations for nonprofit organizations, written advertising copy for an insurance company, promoted national tradeshows for the design and construction industry, and served as executive assistant to several top executives, among my many, many day jobs. So if you, too, live in Connecticut, chances are excellent that we've met! Along the way, I also produced three nonfiction books, as well as numerous articles and essays. In 2002, I wrote my first mystery novel, set in a fictitious Hartford law firm. Response to Waiting for Armando and its trio of sassy, forty-something heroines was so enthusiastic that I tackled a sequel. Set entirely in Old Wethersfield, Connecticut, Murder on Old Main Street quickly gained an audience, and the Kate Lawrence mystery series was born. Part three, A Skeleton in the Closet, was inspired by the wonderful Silas W. Robbins House in Wethersfield. Book four, Drowning in Christmas, returns Kate and her friends to Hartford, where they investigate a mysterious disappearance at the Wadsworth Atheneum. All four titles are now available from Mainly Murder Press, LLC. They are also available at Amazon for Kindle and at Smashwords for the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader. Whatever the genre, I strive to provide lively, entertaining reading that takes my readers away from their work and worries for a few hours, stimulates thought on a variety of contemporary issues-and gives them a laugh along the way.
 Judith K. Ivie

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Remember our Fallen

Memorial Day, originally called "Decoration Day" was created
to honor those who have been slain in defense of the US.

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As many of our returning customers know, we close on the holidays to recharge our batteries, as we're normally open 6/days/week.  As a former servicemember, I feel strongly that Memorial Day should be observed--and remembered.  

We'll be closed, administratively, from 5:00 p.m, the night of May 24th 2019 through the morning of May 28th 2019.  Production will be full-tilt boogie while the office is closed, but in Admin, phones will not be answered and emails will only receive auto-replies until we're back on our regular schedule. Books that are in production will be shipped, fear not.  

Thanks, and have a happy and safe--and memorable--Memorial Day.
(image courtesy of William Zhang, Unsplash)